STEMS Overdose Response

Recently, Brett Sholtis (a reporter with WITF) rode along with Captain Tempel as they saved the life of a patient overdosing on Heroin. Captain Tempel’s experience and expertise saved the life of this patient in what is becoming an increasingly common problem facing EMS agencies across the US. Listen here Read more…

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Heart Health Awareness!

February is Heart Health Month! Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, but there are aspects to heart disease that are PREVENTABLE. Start today by making healthy choices such as: knowing your family health history, get regular check ups, eat Read more…


Stroke Awareness!

“Stroke is the second-leading cause of death in the world and a leading cause of adult disability, with ischemic strokes accounting for about 87% of all strokes”. (AHA Stroke). Recently the AHA/AIS updated its treatment guidelines for Health Professionals. In doing so, they emphasized the importance of the early detection of Read more…


Public Naloxone Standing Order

PA Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine’s Public Standing order for Naloxone Administration and access. You can find a .pdf of this document at Standing Order DOH XI. Key Information 1. If you believe, someone is experiencing an opioid overdose, Call 911! 2. Remain with the person until first responders Read more…

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