After asking a wide variety of Professionals across many disciplines (media, healthcare, public safety, construction), we have found that most individuals believe that EMS began carrying Naloxone (Narcan) in the past few years. This fact its fairly surprising since EMS has been carrying Naloxone (Narcan) to treat our overdose patients for decades.

At the Pinnacle Conference (EMS leadership conference) in Florida this year, EMS leaders sat down to discuss how EMS can report on and inform our stakeholders of the importance of EMS’s role in the epidemic that has swept across many of our hometowns in recent years. EMS needs the support of our government and legislature to continue making an impact on this scourge. Take a moment and read below.

EMS 1 Paramedic Chiefs – Proactive EMS Approaches to the Opioid Crisis
How EMS can help fight the Opioid Crisis