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During the Flu Season, we are frequently asked by our Patients experiencing the Flu to treat and transport them to the Emergency. While many patients experience severe and often serious symptoms while experiencing the flu, many of these patients don’t require Emergency Room treatment. Many patients have voiced that they would like to be evaluated at an Emergency Department so they will be given antibiotics.

Did you know that antibiotics DO NOT kill or help fight off viruses? Antibiotics are only intended and designed to kill bacteria, NOT viruses (such as colds/flu, most coughs and bronchitis, Sore throats not caused by a Strep infection and runny noses.

Taking antibiotics when you have a viral illness may do more harm than good. It is important to listen to your Physician and ONLY take antibiotics when prescribed and when warranted.

Taking antibiotics will NOT: Cure a viral illness, Keep others for catching a viral illness, nor will it help you feel better!

Be Antibiotic Aware!!


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