The SR6 Legislative study was released today outlining the desperate situation of EMS and Fire in PA. “I’ve Never been one to cry wolf, never in my life, and I’m telling you, we’re in crisis right now” said Sen. Randy Vulakovich R-Allegeheny. This report is similar to a report released in 2004 (Senate Resolution 60 Commission found here)

It was noted in the report, the astounding drop in volunteer EMS agencies, and the shuttering of EMS agencies throughout the state; going from 1,645 agencies in 2013 to 1,278 in 2017.

“Continually rising costs for EMS personnel, benefits, vehicles, equipment, fuel, insurance, utilities and facilities coupled with lack of adequate payment for services is eliminating agencies statewide. Many municipalities provide minimal support for the cost of readiness, including the hard costs for being legally staffed and equipped to respond at all times. An additional burden on agencies is their inability to collect payment for services except when a patient is transport to an emergency department, regardless of treatments and other services rendered on scene.” SR6 page 2.

“Legislative action to address this issues is needed. Resources, funds, and legislative change must be committed to improve the infrastructure for public safety performance.” SR6 Page 3.

This report outlines the challenges facing the crumbling EMS and Fire infrastructure in our Commonwealth. Read the full report here.