Our Administrative Team

Donald Kunst
Executive Director
Director Kunst has an extensive history in EMS, with more than 35 years in various roles including, Captain and EMS Chief. Donald is an experienced Paramedic with many additional years spent managing large EMS services in our area. Don has formulated a wide variety of Training programs geared toward increasing the proficiency of our Paramedics in managing critically ill patients.
Beth Leonard
Director of Finance, Paramedic
Beth has spent more than 15 years serving Susquehanna Township EMS. Begining as an experienced Paramedic, she took on the roles of Human Resource manager, Office manager and now serves as our Director of Finance.
Stephanie Myers
Billing Specialist, EMT
Steph started at STEMS as an EMT, and has since transitioned to her current role as our Senior Billing Specialist.

Our Operations Team

Bob Smith
Operations Chief
Bob brings nearly 20 years of experience in emergency services and pre-hospital healthcare. He has clinical and management experience in a variety of roles over the years working with volunteer, pain, and hospital-based systems in rural, suburban, and urban environments. Bob's role as Operations Chief will be to oversee and support STEMS Captains and ensure that our clinical team is meeting the expectations of our patients and communities.
Krista Rodkey
Captain 9-B, Paramedic
Krista was recently promoted to Captain of B Platoon. She has several years of experience in both EMS and Fire service and brings a strong work ethic and positive energy to the operations team. Prior to her promotion, Krista was voted the STEMS ALS Provider of the Year for 2019.
Emily Rentschler
Captain 9-C, Paramedic
Captain Rentschler has been a Paramedic for 8 years with experience in both Squad based and MICU systems. She oversees STEMS medical Supplies and Inventories in addition to the oversight of C Platoon.
Danielle Bottiglieri
Captain 9-A, Paramedic
Derek Jordan
Captain 9-D, Paramedic

Training Division

Marsha Davis
AHA Training Coordinator
Earl Hoon
Field Training Officer
Earl is a long time STEMS EMT. He serves as a dedicated EMS instructor at HACC, and has turned his attentions to training our new pre-hospital providers.
Katie Komar
Field Training Officer
Katie is excited about her new role as FTO. She is one of STEMS first Advanced EMTs. Katie brings experience to the training division as she instructs and coordinates AEMT classes at HACC.
Emily Sarver
Field Training Officer
Jordan Miller
Field Training Officer

Our Board of Directors

Richard (Doc) Bronstein
Chairman of the Board
'Doc' Bronstein has served STEMS faithfully since its begining. Doc has remained very involved in the health and development of STEMS over the decades. He currently serves as our Chairman of the Board.
Fred Engle
Board Member
Fred Engle has served STEMS for several years, and has been integral in many important development at STEMS. Mr. Engle is also a current Susquehanna Township Commissioner for the 7th ward, in addition to service on the Human Relatoins Commission.
Jody Rebarchak
Board Member
Ms. Rebarchak currently serves as a board member, in addition to her role as a Susquehanna Township Commissioner for the 1st Ward. She also serves on many commissions and departments at Susquehanna Township.
Steven Schiffman, Esq.
Board Member
Mr. Schiffman, an experienced Tax atthorney with his practice located in Susquehanna Township, has severed numerous years on STEMS board of directors. Mr. Schiffman's sound advice has lead STEMS through many successful years.
Brian Metzger, CPA.
Board Member
Mr. Metzger serves as member of the board of directors. He serves as sound financial advice on the growth and stability of STEMS, in addition to monitoring our finances.
Richard Enterline, Esq.
Board Member
Mr. Enterline a Deputy General Counsel for Highmark has served on STEMS board for many years, providing wise counsel on the many issues facing EMS agencies in today's evolving world.
Dennis Pletz
Board Member, EMT-B
Dennis has served STEMS from nearly the begining. Starting as an EMT on our ambulances Dennis has both been an educator, counselor, EMT instructor to name a few. Dennis also teaches CPR, First Aid and a variety of other pre-hospital classes for STEMS throughout our region.
Richard Rudisill
Board Member