Ketamine In Service Education

STEMS is committed to enhancing and improving clinical medicine in the pre-hospital field. In keeping with this goal, STEMS is moving to implement Ketamine on our ALS units by Sept 1st 2018. In order to accomplish this goal, STEMS will require ALL ALS providers to review the required material instituted by the PA DOH in addition to a Protocol review, Medication Review with exam and in service education. 

Below are the required information needed in order to be permitted to administer Ketamine at STEMS:

Course Completion Requirements

  1. Complete PA-EMS Excited Delirium Protocol 2017, Con Ed #009244
  2. Read and Understand Ketamine Pharmacology
  3. Read and Understand Pa ALS Protocol 8002 Excited Delirium
  4. Complete the Knowledge Exam 
  5. Complete In Service Evaluation with your Captain