Ketorolac In Service Education

So often we hear of medications and procedures being removed from use in EMS. In spite of these issues, STEMS is committed to pushing for Clinical Excellence and providing as many tools as possible to our EMTs and Paramedics. STEMS will be placing Toradol (Ketorolac) in service on our Units beginning in July 2018. Before we place this tool in our toolboxes, our Paramedics must first demonstrate knowledge and understanding of this medication. Please review the following documents and videos below before taking the REQUIRED test in order to utilize this medication.


Toradol_Fact_Sheet_STEMS – The basics!
Ketorolac Clinical Use – Excellent Clinical Evaluation of Ketorolac’s Clinical Use
Ketorolac Facts Video – While this is directed at Nurses, it still provides a concise overview.
NSAID Pharmacology Video – Excellent Overview of NSAID Pharmacology
ALS 6003 Protocol – 2018 PA DOH ALS Protocol for Traumatic Injury Management
ALS 7003 Protocol – 2018 PA DOH ALS protocol for Non-Traumatic Pain Management

Before Taking the Test, please be certain that you have thoroughly reviewed the documentation included. You must score at least a 85% before being permitted to administer this medication. Your results will be provided to you after you complete the test. Your Captains will receive your testing results as well.

Take the Test